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Someone I Love Has Cancer Book

Written by Catherine MacCormick Donald and sold by Catherine MacCormick Donald Foundation (CMDF).

As a young mother, Catherine Donald immediately thought of her children when she learned that she had cancer. How should she tell them—and WHAT should she tell them? While there are no easy answers, this book is a vehicle for discussion with children about cancer. Cathi deals honestly and openly with the many uncertainties she and her family faced, and by increasing their understanding, helped eliminate some of the fears.

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51 or more contact us for discounted pricing

If you like to purchase more than 50 books, or would like to purchase wholesale, please contact us for discounted pricing. Part of the proceeds from our book will be donated to Cancer Research and cancer victim’s families. From the time the book was first printed until now, CMDF has donated over $14,000 to families of cancer patients. With your help, we can donate more.

Thank you for your support, The Donald Family, CMDF.


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