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Someone I Love Has Cancer

As a young mother, Catherine Donald immediately thought of her children when she learned that she had cancer. How should she tell them—and WHAT should she tell them?

While there are no easy answers, this book is a vehicle for discussion with children. Cathi deals honestly and openly with the many uncertainties she and her family faced, and by increasing their understanding, helped eliminate some of the fears.

Written in a way which is easy for a child to understand, along with the help of several creative analogies, Brittany discusses what cancer is and some of the effects in can have on the body. She also discusses the effects of chemotherapy and radiation on her mother, and how their family would work together to help Cathi deal with it.

This book is an excellent way to help a child understand what may occur in their own family as a result of cancer. All of the technical terms (malignant, chemotherapy, germs etc.) are defined in a way that empowers children to understand what adults are talking about.   If the children are not yet of reading age, they can follow along with their older siblings, and look  for the hidden heart in each picture.  One may be disguised as a chocolate chip, and the next one could be a stain on a sock. Young and old alike enjoy looking for the picture within the picture. 

Some of the most comforting times for a person going through the trials of cancer treatments, is watching their family bond and enjoy each others company. This book has been proof read and tested on a second grade level. In fact, many of the letters were printed using Brittany’s own handwriting when she was in the second grade.

Cathi has been gone now for almost 20 years, but this book still helps children of all ages understand what is happening to their loved one. The children in this book are now all grown up, many with families of their own. Each one of us still cherishes Cathi and this book in our own way, even after so many years have passed. Our hope and prayer is that it will touch someone else, and help them cope through this sometimes difficult journey.SILHC-cmdf thankyou015

Very few books are written in a way for a child to understand. Of those that are, none connect so vividly with the emotional roller-coaster that children experience during such a difficult and sometimes confusing time. Nothing is mentioned about death or suffering in this publication. Just simple, easy to understand situations that our family experienced firsthand during this trying time in our lives.

Chances are you may know or are related to someone who is struggling with this terrible disease. Please pick up more than one book.. one to keep.. and one to share with someone you may know. This was a family project filled with love and emotion. We are honored to be able to share our story with you.

The Donald Family